Saturday, December 31, 2011


All right. Time to make those resolutions. I have  8-1/2 hours to come up with all of those things that I meant to do last year and the year before that. This year I'm going to keep it simple. Maybe that way I'll actually get some of them done.

1. EXERCISE MORE. It's important to exercise. But I live in Minnesota and it gets so cold here your eyeballs freeze open if you're not careful.

2. EAT BETTER. You are what you eat, right? But wait. That means I'll end up a vegetable if I eat too healthy. Better keep those chocolates in my drawer.

3. GET A MAMMOGRAM. I do this yearly, I promise. But every since a girlfriend of mine told me about a lady who was getting a mammogram and suddenly a fire alarm went off and the nurse ran away leaving the poor lady squished helplessly in the machine, I've been putting them off until the last minute. The fire alarm was just a drill by the way, but I'll bet that lady takes a few friends with her whenever she goes in for her mammogram.

4. ENTERTAIN MORE. Actually, I should just write entertain. The last time I had anyone over was my brother-in-law for Thanksgiving and he brought the turkey.

5. BECOME ORGANIZED. I really tried this year. I made so many "to do" lists, I could wallpaper my house with them. I put things in order, broke down what had to be done, and started off with a bang. The problem is, I can't find any of those lists now.

6. DRESS MORE FASHIONABLY. My daughters have pointed out that many of my clothes are outdated. They even helped me clean out my closet. Very thoroughly I might add. However, all of the clothes I gave away are now back in style. I don't see the point in buying clothes that I was forced to give away in the first place. But OK, maybe this wouldn't be such a bad idea.

7. BE MORE POSITIVE. You know how it goes. Sometimes you see the glass half full, sometimes it's half empty. I'll admit that while I appear to be a very optimistic person, I often make things much harder than they are. Attitude is everything. Well, that and accessories I hear.

8. BLOG MORE FREQUENTLY. I'm a writer, so I really should blog more than twice a year.

8 more hours until 2012! I'll probably think of some more resolutions that I may or may not do. But in the meantime, I'm going to walk my dogs, find a nice outfit to wear for tonight, eat my greens, and start on a new list. But I am not going to have a mammogram today. No way.

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MJ Ornaments said...

Happy new year Jan!
Funny post, and I should follow your list of resolutions too. The mammogram story sounds horrible, yikes, poor lady!
Xo Martha


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